Black Warrior Rowing Club

Enter our Indoor Rowing Challenge, March 23, 2019!

To register for the RowAlabama Indoor Rowing Challenge, visit the RowAlabama website and fill in an entry form. Registration is only $25. We will have two free sessions at the participating gyms before the challenge for those who have never rowed before. 


The Black Warrior Rowing Club (BWRC) is a non-profit social sporting club founded in 2008 for the masters (age 21 and up) rowing community in the West Alabama region. The Black Warrior River runs between the cities of Tuscaloosa and Northport, and provides a wonderful venue for recreational and competitive rowers alike. The BWRC is mainly a sweep rowing club, in which each rower has a single oar and rows with a crew of 4 or 8 rowers plus coxswain. We have rowers of all ages in our club, although to compete in a race with us you must be 21 or over to row. Of course, we have rowers who just want to row recreationally and enjoy the beautiful river while making new friends and reaping the benefits of a terrific low impact but vigorous exercise.

To join the BWRC, all you need to do is attend one of our Learn to Row clinics which we offer in the summer and in the spring. If you already have rowing experience, we still request that you join us for this as a refresher course and we do need you to complete a short swim test which we conduct in a pool. Anyone can come out during one of our rows and watch. You can also find us on Facebook under Black Warrior Rowing Club! The advantages of joining the BWRC are:

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  • Meet new friends! We also like to party.
  • Get or keep yourself in great physical shape.
  • Row recreationally or competitively.
  • Travel with us to see and enter regattas.


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