Coxswain Corner

A coxswain, or "cox," is responsible for the safety, direction, and performance of the shell and crew. The cox is the only crew member who faces forward in the shell, steers, and gives commands. In the world of racing, the best coxswains are "tiny, bossy, and loud." Besides issuing orders and "keeping the point" so we don't get off course, our best coxswains also coach the rowers to improve technique. Bad rowing technique throws off the set of the boat, putting the entire crew in danger of crabbing or even capsizing.

When the launch is not available, only experienced coxswains may take out a boat. The cox should always carry the following items in a waterproof pouch:

Coxswain’s tool (from Vespoli)
PFDs for all rowers and self
Cell phone
Phone numbers
Athletic tape
Smelling salts
Bayer aspirin
Small 6 inch crescent wrench
7/16 open hole wrench
Phillips head screwdriver
List of designated ditch spots such as
  -Boat ramp (by Nucor and old water works)
  -Gravel slope at River Road East park
  -Bama Belle
  -Our dock

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