Safety on the River

The Black Warrior River has quite a bit of traffic: barges, the Bama Belle, speedboats, fishing boats, and rowers from three different crew organizations. Rowing shells and other watercraft must follow the rules of the river.

Since we can't wear life vests while rowing, all persons who row in the club or as guests must first pass a swim test as sanctioned by USRowing. This test also involves putting on a life vest while treading water. The coach carries personal flotation devices (PFDs) in the launch, and if needed in the case of an ejector crab or swamp or capsize (so far they haven't been needed) he or she will throw them out to the rower(s). The boat shells do not sink so rowers should stay with the boats until rescue and NOT swim to shore.


Rowing Safety Recommendations (NY site, but very informative)

Ejector crab - this is NOT the BWRC!

You Tube videos of crabs and crashes etc.