Rowing Schedule  

If you are a member of the Black Warrior Rowing Club you can sign up for rowing directly through our Google doc spreadsheet. When you join you will be given access to the link through email (you can then bookmark the sheet like it is a web site) or you can find it through the Schedule a Row page in this web site. If you need the password, please email Laurie.

When you enter your name in the table, you are just signing up to row (NOT for a specific seat) and Coach will assign seats two evenings prior to the row (for example, by Wednesday night for a Friday row). You can go ahead and sign up for every day on the sheet, don't worry that you are "hogging" the sign-up. If we have too many people sign up, Coach will decide who has rowed more days and will choose fairly. If you have signed up and decide to drop out, PLEASE FIND A SUB! There is a list of names and contact information for other rowers in our club who can fill in for you. The times listed on the sheet are when you are to be at the boathouse for each row. Don't be late or you will be left behind, or worse, the entire boat will be cancelled.

If you want to enter a regatta or just have extra practice you can put together a crew and row at a different time than is listed on the Google doc. You can row outside of these designated times and days as much as you like! Please talk to Coach about this before you start training. You will also need a coach or assistant coach in a launch for safety.

Persons who are not members of the BWRC may row with us by signing a waiver and paying a $5.00 guest fee (unless they are coxswains - those can row free). Only those with sweep rowing experience with other clubs or as Collegiate or Junior rowers may row with us without having been through one of our Learn to Row clinics. If you'd like to join us on one of our open row days, please email

When we row uncoached our policy is:

  • only experienced coxswains (1 year or more)
  • cox must carry emergency kit (see Coxswain Corner)
  • all rowers and cox must carry a PFD in their seat
  • use only boats and oars owned by the BWRC (or your own personal boat WITH insurance)